Saturday, February 11, 2012

Grape Vine Wreaths


We have lived in our current home for the past six years. The property includes about three acres of woods, along with about one acre of yard and garden space. The previous owners had some of the larger trees cut from the woods, leaving space for sunlight to reach the ground. Because of this, there is quite a bit of blackberry growing and also lots of grape vine. So, I figured if life gives you grape vines...make wreaths!!

Grape vine wreaths are best made during the growing season. The vines are supple then and can easily be cut and fashioned into wreaths which then dry. I wanted to make some wreaths last December though, so I went into the woods and cut some vines. 

The next step was to soak them in a bucket of water so they would soften up enough to allow me to shape them into wreaths.

After soaking for a couple of days, I was able to create a couple of wreaths.

I'm very happy with the results, however, from now on I'll be making them during the summer. The process is just so much easier.

Here's one I made for my mother in law's December birthday...

And here's the one that is on our door now...

I'm really looking forward to making more wreaths this summer!!

Peace and Love,



  1. Lucky mother-in- law! They're lovely, Stephanie.

  2. Hi picked you up off Laurie;s blog - I am making yarn bowls right now, but you can find hem on many etsy shops. Just search for yarn or knitting bowls.


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